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"The action of making and the outcome of the crafted object connects cultures, communities and generations"

The Power of Making - V&A Publications


I graduated in Fine Art, with 3D/Sculpture as my main focus. My current art-practice is mainly three-dimensional, site-specific, and large in scale. The elements of line, plane, volume, mass, repetition, variety, colour, and humour have all played their part in a body of work I have creatively engaged with.

I am committed to using my ideas and creative skills to bring the visual arts closer to our communities. Creating art installations that are meaningful and thought-provoking continue to be an important part of my identity as an art-maker. Engaging with personal, social, cultural and historical facts and issues, have all played an important part to inform my thinking and work. 

I have collaborated with fellow art-makers and community groups and practising art, studio-based in a town centre, has given new opportunities to creatively engage with the local community and town landscape. 

Latest Artwork

Art Installation- Bryan Arcade, Huddersfield - June 2020


The site-specific art installation, ‘Windows of Hope’ presents conceptual elements that interlock within the cathedral-high, glass roof structure of the Byram Arcade, creating a new visual plane of colour, shape and reflected light.

The repeated angular formations of colour, made from over one thousand metres of ribbon are created to represent, the spectrum of refracted light. The rainbow colours have a meaningful bearing within the artwork as they echo the sentiments of hope seen in the little rainbow paintings on windows throughout our neighbourhoods. Paintings that say, ‘we stand with you NHS as you work on the front-line of care and to Key Workers who keep things going’.

Making artwork on a large scale once again, after the restricted space of home, has given me a renewed creative awareness of all things good and a forward-looking optimism with an appreciation of others. All expressed here in my ‘Windows of Hope’.

Photograph taken by Heather Magner


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